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Featured Writing 

Sauce and Hot Sauce Poster.jpg

Scandal at the condiments factory as the ever-exasperating Joy attempts to discover what her long suffering colleague Sally is up to.

Hot Sauce
Then over to the brothel as Madame Frankie shows newbie Maxine the ropes (or pole) whilst carrying out some seriously dodgy dealings.

TROFC A3.png

The Richard Osman Fan Club 

Young jogger Adam finds himself seated on a park bench next to Greta, an eccentric elderly lady who is obsessed with all things Richard Osman.  Adam becomes increasingly irritated by Greta, and his true colours don't take long to appear.


Broadway Baby ****

"Wry comedy that never outstays its welcome"   

Full Review

All Edinburgh Theatre ****

"The kind of show... that will effortlessly allow you to pass 30 minutes of your time, and leave you with a smile on your face"   

Full Review

The Scotsman 

"Writer Wendy Lap hooks your interest right from the beginning and it never wanes"  

Full Review

Theatre Scotland 

"The fact Wendy relies on action more than dialogue is refreshing"   

Full Review

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